The fast-paced game, coming soon as a Hytale Community Server

  • Roleplay
  • Dungeons
  • Special
HBS Score : Finally a fair way to rank servers
HBS Score will be calculed at Stolendale launch on more than 15 criteria.

Server presentation

Stolendale is an immersive roleplaying experience built in Hytale that allows players to battle to the death using collectible cards which spawn monsters and buildings, and launch attacks, that will help you win the match!

Players can go on role-playing adventures to earn more cards or purchase physical collectible cards and card packs.

Our day-one goal is to have all virtual cards actually be delivered straight to the players’ door, allowing them to collect cards to play an IRL version of the game, fighting with their own collected cards from the ease of their living room.

Cards will be interlinked, if for instance someone purchases a card pack from vendor, they can link their earned cards in-game and vice versa.

The players can also earn cards from in-game for FREE, by slaying a boss, completing a dungeon or a sequence of quests.

Stolendale Board Game is planned to release on January 2020!