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What Is Infected?

Created by owners Kyronic, Triheda and JBentley, Infected is a brand new project that will be made in Hytale, based mainly on The Walking Dead’s TV Universe, although aspects of other zombie media will be used, such as Fear The Walking Dead, Telltale’s: The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, Zombieland, 28 Days Later, and more. This gamemode will take you directly into the apocalyptic world filled with walkers and enemies where you will use skills learnt over time to survive as long as possible and play however you would like. This gamemode, whilst being produced, will ensure that playing alone as an evil murderer out for blood is just as fun as being in a group of friends scavenging and building communities. This gamemode will offer many different gameplay elements outside of just PvP and battling, such as world building and realism, which will both be just as important. Finding the balance is something we need to make sure we do. A balance in quests, realism, PvP, the map, and an area where people can settle down are our top priorities.

Currently we are in the early stages. Hytale isn’t even out yet so many things could change, but with how promising Hytale is looking, I, and many others, are convinced that this could be the start of something brand new entirely. Expect more information on the game to come out as we draw closer to Hytale's release.

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