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HBS Score : Finally a fair way to rank servers
HBS Score will be calculed at Darktale launch on more than 15 criteria.

Server presentation

Darktale will be a server focused on PvP, clan warfare, and territory control. Clans will fight for control over the lands by building, sieging, and razing cities. Clans can fight for temporary hold on NPC villages and fortresses to receive rewards as well. There will always be some kind of point of interest to battle over. Clans will also have the opportunity to delve into the depths of a massive center dungeon or smaller dungeons around the map for those who prefer PvE gameplay.

While the foundation of ideas are already in place, we need more people to come together to vote on refining some of the ideas while also suggesting ideas of their own to help create an amazing PvP server.

During development of the main server, we will likely host a vanilla/mini-games server to provide entertainment for everyone learning the game.



Twitter page is setup! twitter.com/Dark...It won't be a primary source of contact, but it will still hold important announcements for those who prefer to use twitter.

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Alright everyone, I try not to @ all a lot, but the website is up! Feel free to join or login through Enjin. Most of it is complete. Donation page is locked away as there is no need for it at this current time and is also no finished. Wiki has MOST of the info, but I still need to add more. www.darktale.org/...Let me know of anything that needs to be fixed or looks odd, it should be 99% mobile friendly.

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The new logo and banner art is here! Logo can be seen as our discord logo now and the banner is in the Discord channel as well as the website. I will be making a few finishing touches to the website, then I'll open it up to everyone as well.

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I am in the process of creating a website & forums for the server primarily to provide detailed info regarding the server all in one streamlined location. More details to come.

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I will be posting in the Discord channel with ideas that need refined. Please vote on which option sounds best by using the reactions provided. If you have a different suggestion, post about it in the Discord channel.

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Discord server is going to go through a rework to be more in tune with Hytale. Will be adding more people to the server soon and discussions will be started on how we are going to approach Hytale.

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