HyPack: A Hytale resource pack for Minecraft

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Normally, we don't talk about anything other than Hytale server projects, but we felt we had to show you HyPack!

HyPack is a resource pack for Minecraft with a very simple goal: to recreate as closely as possible the look and feel of Hytale, but within Minecraft. The least we can say is that it's a success!

Hypack screenshots HyPack presentation screenshots

With Hytale not expected to be released until 2021, now that's something to hold us back!

The resource pack is quite complete, as in addition to covering most of the blocks, it includes several items and monsters: Yes, you can fight ahead of time against the skeleton warriors of Hytale.

Warrior skeleton in HyPack

With shaders, it's even better !

It wasn't long before the Hytale community jumped at trying it out. Some even combined the resource pack with shaders, and the result is stunning. 😍


A big Bravo to Powerbyte7, the resource pack author, who have been helped by RZZIO and PaulPantel.

HyPack is of course freely available at this link. In order to enjoy the connected textures, don't forget to install Optifine as well!

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